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  •  Exhibitions

         April 2020                        106th SOVA (digital) Exhibition, Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Norman, OK. 


          December 2019               "Not to Scale" Show, Resonator Institute, Norman, OK. 

          December 2019               Oklahoma Academy of Classical Art Works in Progress Show, Oklahoma Academy of Classical                                                        Art 

September 2019               Oklahoma Art Guild Small Works Show, Paseo Galley One, Oklahoma City, OK. 


July-August 2019           “Influences: Combining Classical Guitar and Visual Art”. Collaborative concert series with my                                                brother, Collin Holloway, in which we combined our two art forms into a cohesive and moving                                              experience through the pairing of musical compositions and visual art. Concerts took place at                                                the Oklahoma Academy of Classical Art in Edmond and Paseo Gallery One in Oklahoma City,                                              OK. 


April 2019                       105th SOVA Exhibition, Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Norman, OK. 


2018                                 24 Works on Paper Biennial Traveling Exhibition (juried), various cities in Oklahoma, OK.  


2018                                 104th SOVA Exhibition, Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Norman, OK. 


2017                                 “Drawn togETHER” Exhibition, Lightwell Gallery, Norman, OK. 


  • Awards: 

          November 2019               Recipient of the Helene C. Lottinville Prize (OU School of Visual Art) 


April 2018                       “Excellence in Drawing”, 104th SOVA Exhibition, Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Norman, OK. 

  • Publications:


April 2019                       Art Focus Magazine, “24 Works on Paper: The Traveling Exhibition for Contemporary Oklahoma                                          Art”, Art Focus Magazine. Spring 2019 Issue. 


  • Professional Experience: 


2019-current                  Teaching Assistant, Oklahoma Academy of Classical Art, Edmond, OK. Currently teaching young                                         students’ basics of drawing and painting. 


June 2019                        Studio Assistant, Studio of Edward Aldrich, Golden, CO. Framed artwork, packaged artwork,                                               assisted in the setup of a one-man show. 


June 2018                       Designed t-shirt logo for 2018 Oklahoma Arts Institute at Quartz Mountain. 


2017-current                  Intern at University of Oklahoma’s Charles M. Russell Center, Norman, OK. Creation of an                                                     ongoing annotated bibliography of all of the Center’s wildlife publications.


2017-current                  Touring with author Stephen Kozan every Spring to local Oklahoma elementary schools to teach                                           students about illustrating and writing books, Moore, OK. 



  • Organizational Involvement: 


Summer 2019-current     Oklahoma Art Guild, Workshop Chair, Oklahoma City, OK. Currently finds local artists for                                                   single-day workshops. 


Summer 2019-current     Teen Art Guild, Advisor, Edmond, OK. Assists in monthly meetings and art nights. 


  • Individual Business Experience: 


2018-current                    Claire Holloway Pet Portraits 


  • Lectures and Demonstrations: 

          February 2020                “Telling the Stories of Wildlife Through Oil Paint” demo at the Teen Art Guild in Edmond, OK.                                                          Demonstrated picking a photograph that tells a story and creating a painting of that image from                                                    start to finish in oil paints.  

          January 2020                  "Wildlife Painting in Oils", demonstrated how to create a  wildlife oil paint portrait from start to                                  finish for the Edmond Art Association monthly meeting, Edmond, OK, January 27th. 

          August 2019                    Pet Portrait Demonstration, Oklahoma Art Guild (OAG), demonstrated how to create a pet                                                              portrait from beginning to end for the OAG monthly meeting, Oklahoma City, OK, August 6th.


January 2019                  “Changes in Wildlife Art: The Charles M. Russell Center and My Art”, speaker at the Charles M.                                            Russell Center at the University of Oklahoma, hosted by the Charles M. Russell Center, Norman,                                          OK. 


December 2017                Group demonstration with students from the Oklahoma Academy of Classical Art, hosted by the                                           Oklahoma City Museum of Art, demonstrated classical methods of art making and traditional                                             mediums from the 15th and 16th century. 


  • Commissions: 

December 2018                Private commission, illustrated children’s book entitled “The Hunter Voyage”. Hired by Stephen                                             Kozan of ReadyAimWrite Kids. 


  • Collections:


Fall 2018-current             Student Financial Center, University of Oklahoma. 

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