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About Claire

Drawn to nature like a magnet, Claire is fascinated with the emotions, power and grace of animals. Her work revolves around the stories of natural world, particularly the current situation of many endangered species. Claire`s goal is to become a professional wildlife artist who aids in conservation through art which not only reveals the threats to wild animals, but captures audiences attention in ways not previously done before. By creating artwork that speaks to a different part of a viewers mind, that artwork can make an impact beyond the gallery walls. 


Art envelops Claire`s life through studying at the University of Oklahoma as a BFA student in the Studio Art program, and absorbing as much as she can outside of her college education. Not only a student at the university, Claire is a part time illustrator and commissioned artist. Wanting to continuously improve, Claire spends countless hours drawing and painting every day. She trains at and is currently a studio assistant at the Oklahoma Academy of Classical Art. As well as studying classical art, Claire studies other art forms that can improve her work, and takes workshops from some of the most currently influential wildlife artists. 

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